Devgru assaulter kit, 2006 night raid

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For the night raid mission more dark colored equipment was chosen: old Allied Industries MBSS kit bag pouches and black helmet. Primary weapon of choice is newly issued HK 416, upgraded version of the good old M4 CQBR. One noteworthy detail is the M79 "Pirate gun" shooting 40 mm grenades. Rather than using gun-mounted M203, the pirate gun is more flexible option as it can be given to any team member when needed and the primary weapon can be more lightly equipped.

Plate carrier's right side is for carrying the Pirate gun. This is done by custom weapon retention lanyard, the rubber band and locking it to open-taped carabiner. Attached to the cummerbund is also a frag grenade pouch.

In the picture is also secondary weapon: Sig Sauer P226 9mm pistol with Safariland customized 6004 holster. Holster has a rubber band modification for parachute jumping operations to secure the gun in the holster.

Peltor Comtac 1 headset is used for hearing protection and for communication with team members.

Plate carrier's left side consists of a machine gunner ammo belt pouch, used for carrying individual first aid kit.  Also attached is double pistol magazine pouch for one 9mm magazine for P226 and multitool.

Between the mag and medical pouch is another frag grenade pouch.

On the plate carrier's back side is modular assault pack by Allied Industries. Main compartment is for water system and outer pouch is for night vision goggles when not in use.


Backside of the Integrated Ballistic Helmet has MS2000 infrared/visible light emergency strobe light.

Another strobe light is on the left shoulder of the plate carrier: Adventure Lights VIP, which also has both visible and infrared light options. IR option is used for identifying friends and foes. MS2000 is too bright for this purpose and is used to signal the position to greater distances such as for airplanes and helicopters.

PRC-148, MBITR 10-pin version is standard issue for NSW.

Leatherman Charge multitool was operator's personal choice and best multitool back in 2005 when bought. Leatherman introduced modularity to it's multitools with two tool bit sockets combined with bit kits to get a large variety of options of screwdrivers, hex tools etc.

Operator modified U-94 PTT. Problem with original U-94 PTT is that it can be accidentally pushed to open the radio channel. To avoid this problem, a soda bottle cap was taped on PTT with a hole for the operating the button. This way the PTT button can not be accidentally pressed.